• Opportunity out of obtacles.

    What happens when a former athlete in great shape, with a good job and a beautiful family is told he is dying of cancer? Does he live in fear and trepidation or does he look for an opportunity to make a change? In this case, he dedicates his life to giving back to the community's youth and educating people about the disease that threatened to take his life.


    Gregory Nelson has stomach cancer. 60% percent of his stomach and part of his liver have been removed, yet he is more determined than ever to complete his mission. He founded the Mid-South Cancer Prevention fund in 2014 to promote the prevention, research, education and the control of cancer through awareness. Over the course of three years he has conducted several free events for the youth of the Mid-South along with golf tournaments, and basketball tournaments, while giving out cancer prevention literature and donating to like-minded initiatives. Organizations such as the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Redbirds and the United States Marine Corp have participated in these events as well.


    You cannot put a pricetag on awareness or education when it comes to cancer. Find out more about the MSCP Fund today @ www.mscpfund.org and help Gregory continue to educate the Mid-South about the deadly disease he continues to fight.



    Gregory Nelson has stomach cancer. 60% of his stomach and part of his liver have been removed. Thousands f dollars have been spent going to Atlanta te a month for treatment.